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SQL Server 2012 – A Pre-Review

SQL Server is one of the most robust database management server used by large enterprise applications. As with Microsoft, every new product version has drastic performance and functionality changes. And so is the case with SQL Server. The upcoming version for SQL Server is 2012. In this article, I will be taking you though a rough review of what I found out interesting in this new version.

SQL Server 2012 Code Name ―Denali is a cloud-ready information platform that will help organizations unlock breakthrough insights across the organization and quickly build solutions to extend data across on-premises and public cloud backed by mission critical confidence.

The Data explosion is happening at every level across every imaginable device, application and individual. It has all the features that the previous versions were having but with some more improvements included in it.

  1. User-Defined Server Roles User-Defined Server Roles increase flexibility, manageability, and facilitate compliance towards better separation of duties. It allows creation of new server roles to suit different organizations that separate multiple administrators according to roles.
  2. SharePoint Active Directory Help secure end user data analytics with built-in IT controls, including new SharePoint and Active Directory security models for end user reports published and shared in SharePoint. Enhanced security models provide control at row and column levels.
  3. Contained Database Authentications: Contained Database Authentication increases compliance by allowing users to be authenticated directly into user databases without logins. User information for login (username and password) is not stored inside master database but user databases directly. It is very secure because users can only perform DML operations inside the user databases and not database instance level operations. It also reduces the need to login to the database instance and avoid orphaned or unused logins in the database instance.

One of the major update in SQL server 2012 is

Columnar Index: This is included in SQL server 2012 to improve the query performance. It is expected that this would make a query 10X faster than earlier. This is surprising and it gives a hint that this is included in response to NoSQL, which is gaining attention for better query performance. Columnstore indexes group and store data for each column and then join all the columns to complete the whole index. This differs from traditional indexes which group and store data for each row and then joins all the rows to complete the whole index. For some types of queries, the SQL Server query processor can take advantage of the columnstore layout to significantly improve query execution times. The explosive growth of data warehousing, decision support and BI applications has generated an urgency to read and process very large data sets quickly and accurately into useful information and knowledge.

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