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Facebook Timeline…A geek’s review

So finally, after a long wait and a good and long beta developer testing, Facebook has finally made it’s much awaited feature Timeline live for everybody. The timeline seems to be a hard and fair attempt by Facebook to give a stronger punch to the newly born Google Plus which is still finding it hard to get users come back to the site each day.

Looking at the major changes by Facebook in the past, it takes some time for people to get accustomed to any new feature on the site. The same is the case with the timeline. Due to major layout changes, some people may feel uncomfortable when using the feature for the first time, but as you start using it, you become habitual and find it interesting to use.

With this new feature, Facebook has tried to change the way social networks behaved in the past. Instead of just focusing on the things after the user has joined the site, Facebook has taken into consideration the life time of a person starting from the day he or she was born.

Facebook has made considerable changes to the usual profile that we used to have before. The timeline has many new features added.

  1. Layout Completely Changed: The layout of a Facebook Timeline is totally different from a Facebook Profile. The new layout seems to be organized well with years listed on the right from the current year to the year you joined Facebook to the day you were born. The function seems to be interesting to use. You can always add any new event or occasion on any date in your life. The life event sharing gives you full flexibility to let you show those special moments of your life.
  2. Cover Photo: This is very cool feature of new Timeline. A cover photo is a public photo that people first see when they come to see your Timeline. It’s of a sufficiently good size to force somebody to see it before your small profile picture on the left.
  3. Activity Log: This is yet another awesome feature introduced. Ever thought of finding what you have been doing since you joined Facebook, stop thinking now. The activity log lists everything you are doing, have done in past or will be doing in future. It helps to track how you are doing on Facebook. Cool feature yeah…
  4. Quick Edit: The new timeline lets you edit your profile quicker than the previous edit profile pages. Facebook has ajaxified everything and editing has become fast that it used to be.
  5. Featured Posts: Ever thought of highlighting a special photo or status on your Facebook profile, stop thinking now. With new Timeline you can always highlight a post on your timeline. A featured post takes full width of your Timeline to make its presence special than the other posts.

Besides these cool features, some people might find certain things in Timeline uninteresting.

  1. The two column layout seems a little confusing at first look.
  2. It’s all about scrolling down and down and down.
  3. The visibility of Cover Photo and the image when you were Born, both are public. Something, not every Facebook user will like.

Overall this new type of profile makes Facebook Timeline promising; unlike its previous features, Facebook has given enough time to its users to get accustomed to the new Timeline. A 7 day grace period seems to be a good duration for people to customize the things on their Timeline after which it goes live automatically.

Want to have Facebook Timeline, goto and click Get Timeline to get your Timeline now. Don’t forget to put your thoughts on this interesting Facebook feature here.

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