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WordPress multiple ratings per blog post plugin

WP-Multiratings plugin helps website owners, web masters and theme developers to integrate ratings functionality for posts in their website or theme. This tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to use this plugin. If you are a developer and want to know how this plugin was developed, click here.

Features of the plugin

  1. Multiple ratings for a given post
  2. Applying ratings according to category of post
  3. Optional automatic start and end date for ratings
  4. Ajax implemented rating system
  5. Customized rating system
  6. Prevent users from rating on the same post again for a specified duration

Installation & Setting up the plugin

  1. Download the plugin from wordpress codex
  2. To install the plugin to wordpress, you can choose either of these two methods.
    1. Go to dashboard of your wordpress site and select Plugins > Add New from left menu.  On the right side of page, click on Upload link. Browse to the plugin zip file that you download in step 1 and click upload. This will install the plugin.
    2. Extract the downloaded plugin to your harddisk. Copy the folder in which the files are extracted. Now on your website ftp, goto folder wp-content/plugins and paste the folder.
    3. Go to dashboard of your wordpress site and select Plugins from the left menu. Find wp-multiratings puglin and click Activate to activate the plugin. The ratings plugin is now ready to use.
    4. In order to show any rating system, you must add a few rating types. To add a rating type, from your wordpress dashboard, go to WP Multiratings > Rating Types
    5. The page lists all the rating types that you have added. To add a new rating type, click on Add New Rating Type button.
    6. The new rating form opens up with the following fields.
      • Rating Name: The name of the rating e.g. Article Rating in case of magazine website, Music Ratings, Lyrics Ratings in music website etc.
      • Auto Start Enabled: If the rating type should start on a specific date to allow people to rate. (Note: you need to set a custom field wpmr_<the rating name>_start_date for each post. It’s good to use custom fields plugin to add value easily). Default is false.
      • Auto End Enabled: If the rating type should end on a specific date to block people to rate. (Note: you need to set a custom field wpmr_<the rating name>_end_date for each post. It’s good to use custom fields plugin to add value easily). Default is false.
      • Maximum Rating Value: Specifies maximum number of stars to show for a rating. Default is 5.
      • Rating Image: Shows the image that will be used for rating.
      • Category: Shows all the categories for this site. Select the categories for which this rating type will be available. Once done click on Save button. You will be redirected back to the list the your rating types.

Plugin Options

To get or modify the settings of plugin, go to WP Multirating > Options menu. The option page displays the following.

  1. Verify Posts Rating: When this button is clicked, the plugin checks all the posts and verifies the ratings posted for each post. Note: Verification may take some time depending on the number of posts and ratings.
  2. Automatic Insertion: If you want to automatically show ratings for each post, you should check this option. Remember, if you don’t check this, you may have to manually display the rating type by using one of the methods listed in next section.
  3. Rating Gap: This setting specifies the duration in minutes between which a user can’t rate the same post again. Default is 0 that means user can vote again immediately on refresh. (Note: The plugin creates a cookie on the client computer to keep track of last vote. The function might not work if the user has disabled cookies or has deleted cookie manually)

Once done, you must click Save Changes button to save the setting changes.

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  1. Awesome tutorial…great plugin…that would have been even better if we could have some more options to customize the things…great work anyways…kudos :)

  2. Hi,

    I like your multi-rating plugin… unfortunately… it conflicts with my other plugins, especially the image sliders… can this be fixed?


  3. Hope you can find a solution for me… there’s no plugin out there like yours… GD Star is just too complicated and a pain to use.

  4. Hi, how can I customise the display of this very good plugin to be all in one line, instead of multiple lines? Which file to amend, please?
    Thank you very much, sir, in advance.