Roasted Sparkzz Responsive Bootstrap Theme For NopCommerce 3.5 Released

Roasted Sparkzz Bootstrap Responsive Theme

Pheww!! Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create something which is so awesome because it’s so close to your heart. Sparkzz is one such theme that is awesome in many ways.

First and foremost, because E-Commerce today has actually transformed itself into M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) it’s mandatory that every company should come up with solutions from the perspective of mobile devices. With Sparkzz theme we commit to that mandate. CSS Framework Bootstrap 3.3 is the one we have used for the development of this theme.

Why Bootstrap?

It’s always tough to select the best out of winners. We had many options but the two we liked most were Zurb Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap. Now with the community of Bootstrap growing like anything, it became quite obvious for us to go for Bootstrap for this theme.

Features of Theme

It’s pretty exciting to tell the features. But let me list a few down here.

  1. Get Roasted Menu & Roasted Email Templates for FREE
  2. 5 Inbuilt Color Schemes
  3. Google Fonts Support
  4. Responsive Design
  5. Bootstrap 3.3 Framework
  6. Supports NopCommerce 3.5
  7. LESS files included for easy css modifications
  8. Editable Views
  9. Lazy Loading For Fast Page Load
  10. SEO Optimized
  11. Free 1 Year upgrade & support
  12. and more…

Let us know your thoughts and ways to improve the theme. We’ll be coming with more themes and plugins with new functionality in coming days.

Cheers :)

FreshDesk Plugin For NopCommerce 3.5 Released


FreshDesk is one of the best help desk software available online. And NopCommerce is equally well evolving E-Commerce product.

With E-Commerce evolving exponentially, it’s evident that every store owner wants to be ahead in terms of customer support services. Not just the time of response given to the customer but the look and feel of the support system, the mechanism of creating support tickets, time required to find a place to connect to support system and so on.

While FreshDesk has always been a good support system, it’s free plans seem to be quite restricted in terms of how look and feel of the help desk can be controlled. NopCommerce too doesn’t provide any inbuilt support system. That’s when we decided to create our own FreshDesk plugin for our very own website Zapkee.

With little modifications, we would like to put the plugin for community so that they can also utilize the power of FreshDesk right on their NopCommerce website.

The plugin is available for download for FREE. No registration is required for download. However, the plugin works uninterrupted for only 15 days after first installation. A purchased license will remove this restriction.

Because custom support is the most important aspect of any E-Commerce, Roasted Nop FreshDesk is going to be one of the best customer experience you’ll be able to give to your customers.

Do check the plugin and leave your feedback.


Team Roasted Bytes

Asp.NET & Javascript –Combo Tips!

Asp.NET & Javascript –Combo Tips!

Hope you all love the pretty work we do with javascript and Asp.NET together. Here are few points to always keep in mind while using the combo:

  1. Use JavaScript libraries. They definitely make your work easy!
  2. Always use “ServerControl.ClientID” property to read client IDs of server controls. Never hardcode IDs. Some of us have already faced the resulting issues…so better be safe!
    If you need to use the client ID in separate javascript files, you may pass client IDs as an object from the aspx page .
    Ex: var options = {txtNameClientID: <%= txtName.ClientID %>};
    You can read the above “options” in your js file as:
    Ex: $(‘#’ + options.txtNameClientID); Continue reading

How to install Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Oracle VM Virtual Box

Windows 8 is the upcoming operating system from Microsoft’s Windows family. Though it may take some time for the operating system to go for sell in markets, Microsoft has released the consumer preview version of the operating system. In this tutorial, I explain how you can try this upcoming operating system on your machine without removing your current operating system.

All you need is Oracle VM Virtual Box installed on your system (Of course your PC hardware must support hardware virtualization for this to work). You can download virtual box from here.

Next you need to download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO from Microsoft’s website.

Once you have downloaded these two things, we are ready for our installation. See the video tutorials below to understand the step by step process to install windows 8 consumer preview.

Part 1

Part 2

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Happy Geeking

11 simple tips for creating SEO friendly websites

If you are the owner of a website or if you have decided to design one for your company or personal use, a question must have danced in your mind “How can I bring my website quickly to the search engines like Google and Bing”. After all what is the use of a website, if people can’t find it. Although most search engines provide webmaster tools to submit your website for indexing, there is a possibility that it will never be listed in your favorite search engine results. The reasons being poor website design from the search engine’s point of view. Yep Design matters a lot ;).

In this article I will tell you how you can fine tune your website by following some simple guidelines to bring it up in the search engine results. Although it might not be possible for you to follow all points for your website, using more of them can help you to achieve your goal. Continue reading